Sermons & Resources

At Refuge Church, we love the Bible—and we hope it shows in everything we do. On most Sunday mornings, we like to simply open the Bible, pick a book, and go verse-by-verse, sentence-by-sentence from one side to the other. Even when we’re not doing that, you can expect us to anchor everything we say and do in the Scriptures.

Below you’ll find our library of sermons and other teaching resources. We are glad to provide this for your edification. We just have one request: Please, don’t use these resources as a replacement for gathering with the people of God, submission to real, in-the-flesh pastor/elders, and robust participation in a healthy local church.


Hebrews: Christ and The Cosmic Canaan

We are currently making our way through the whole book of Hebrews, verse-by-verse. In this book, we’ll learn how to read the whole Bible as a Christian book, even as we meet Jesus as the Lord of a new-creational Kingdom, the cosmic Canaan.


Esther: A Story of God, Gallows, and Grace

The story of Esther is a story of triumph through weakness—a story where God lurks just underneath the narrative surface, putting his power on display as he confronts the might of empire armed with nothing but an old man and a young girl.

First Peter: 100-Proof Hope

In this expository series through the book of 1 Peter, we walk verse-by-verse through the Apostle Peter’s first epistle. Written to a suffering church, Peter comes alongside the Church of Jesus Christ with a steady, pastoral hand—calling all of God’s people to a durable, living hope in the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Proverbs: Folly & Flourishing

From sex to self-control, parenting to politics, the book of Proverbs has a word for you. In this series, we got to know Lady Wisdom in the ancient book of Proverbs.

Paul’s Letter to Titus

In this expository sermon series, Pastor Brian preached verse-by-verse through the pastoral epistle known as Titus.

The Gospel According to John

“It is finished!” In this series, we made our way through the entire Gospel of John a few sentences at a time.

Paul’s Letter to the Colossians

In this letter, Paul calls us to awe at the glorious image of the invisible God, Jesus Christ—and to cling to the light of his gospel.

The Book of Genesis

Yes, we spent a year going word-by-word through the book of Genesis. No, we have no regrets.

Everything Else

Sometimes sermons just don’t fit anywhere else. Find all of our guest preaching and one-offs here.