Meet the Elder Team

We believe that the leadership of the local church should be formed by the ancient Scriptures rather than the corporate world. For us, this means that Refuge Church is led by a plurality (Acts 20:17) of pastor/elders (Titus 1:5), qualified for leadership by the grace of Jesus Christ and in accordance with the requirements given by the Apostles (1 Timothy 3:1–13).

Therefore all of our leaders are not just in authority, but under it as well. Jesus Christ is the Chief Shepherd (1 Peter 5:4) of Refuge Church, the senior leader to whom all of our leaders will give an account (Hebrews 13:17).

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Brian Sauvé | Pastor of Preaching & Liturgy

A child of the military, Brian is not really sure what to say when people ask him where he's from. In 1999 and at the orders of the USAF, the Sauvé family waded the pond from England to Utah, where they had lived for the previous 3 years. Nearly 20 years later, he supposes he is now a true Utahn. 

The Lord saved Brian at a young age through his parents' witness and has been gracious to him through every season of waxing or waning faith since. He met a girl named Lexy in the library of their Jr. High, and the rest is history. Married since 2011, God has since blessed them with Ari Judah (5), Ira Lewis (4), Daphne Maeve (2), and another little one on the way—their great joy and the reason they occasionally look rather tired.

Brian has a passion for preaching the Bible. In his preaching, you will find a deep concern for the intersection of Exegetical and Biblical Theology, the glory of God in all things, and the primacy of the Gospel in every text. Also, that he likes Lord of the Rings. In addition to his weekly preaching on Sundays, Brian teaches a Sunday School class by means of a weekly Podcast, where he aims to educate Christians to embrace Christ as the heart of all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

As fuel for teaching, Brian reads widely (click here to see what's on his bookshelf currently), and also enjoys writing about culture, theology, church life, philosophy, and more. You can find his regular scribblings at his personal blog, Mouse & Mane. You can also find his writing at Deeply Rooted Magazine, For the Church, and other outlets.

Brian has a Bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies.

Cody Hockin, Ogden Church Pastor

Cody Hockin: Pastor of Jr. & Sr. High

Born and raised in the great state of Utah, Cody joined Refuge Church in 2010. He followed God’s call to start Student Ministry at Refuge in 2012, and a year later became the official youth pastor. Cody has a passion to point the rising generations to Jesus and help them cultivate a genuine relationship with him through Bible teaching and transparent, life-on-life discipleship.

Cody met Cindy in college, where she taught him to love sushi as he convinced her that marrying him would be a great idea. She agreed, and they’ve been married since 2011. Cody is a design nerd who makes his living in the visual communication field. In other words, if you use Comic Sans on your birthday party invitation, he won’t attend on principle.

Dan Berkholder, Ogden Christian Pastor

Dan Berkholder: Executive & Children's Pastor

Hailing from the great state of Wisconsin, Dan is an avid hunter and home chef with the understandable weakness of rooting for the Packers. He has a background in product management, particularly in the hunting and fishing industries, so he usually has a freezer full of elk.

Dan and his wife, Amelia, enjoy hospitality, wide spaces, beekeeping, and their German Shorthaired Pointer, Sako. They have two little guys, Barron, born in 2017, and Reed, born in 2019. 

Dan has a passion to see the people of God grow in their love for Jesus, the lost saved, and families grow in community.

Norm Dunham, Ogden Christian Pastor

Norm Dunham: Pastor/Elder

Norm has journeyed far, physically and spiritually. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah and raised Pueblo, Colorado with brief stops in South Carolina, Texas, Germany, and Washington. Norm was also a Mormon, Muslim and Wiccan before Jesus Christ saved him on the side of the I-215 Belt Route. He began attending Refuge Church on Easter of 2011, serving as the Head Usher and teacher before the elders of Refuge in agreement with God’s calling asked him to serve as the Pastoral overseer of the Children’s ministry.

Norm met his amazing and beautiful wife Talia, while serving with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at Colorado State University-Pueblo. They married in 2001 and moved to Ogden in 2008 and have one incredible little girl, Opal. Norm loves teaching and evangelism, and self identifies as a Scrabble, Trivia, and Theology Nerd who will rarely ever turn down the invitation for a game.

Elder Candidates

We currently have two men (Joshua Adams and Kevin Griffin) serving as elder candidates, a 12-month process of assessment and testing for fitness and qualification for pastoral ministry at Refuge Church.