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A How-to Guide for Hosting a Successful Hangout

We want you to succeed, so we put together a step-by-step process to plan and execute a successful hangout, whether one-time or recurring. To host a successful hangout, follow these simple steps:


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Clarify the Idea

What activity are you going to host? Is there something you already like to do that you could invite others in to participate in doing? Maybe you love board games, ultimate frisbee, rock climbing, going to the movies, knitting, hiking—get creative!

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Plan, Plan, Plan!

Get the Who, What, When, Where, and How on paper. Who is this for? Men only? Women only? Can kids participate or will their be childcare involved? What day of the week, time, and date will you host your hangout? Will it be recurring or a one-time event? Is there a limit to the number of people who can participate? How will folks contact you to RSVP (text, email, or phone call is recommended)?

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Make a Budget

Does your hangout require funds or equipment to participate? Make sure you calculate costs so everyone knows what they’ll need to jump in! Do they need special equipment (climbing shoes, frisbee, etc.)? Figure out what a participant would need to buy or where they might be able to rent it! You will be responsible to collect/handle any funds directly—the church can’t collect funds for hangouts.

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Fill Out The Application

Once you have your plan, budget, and contact method in order, fill out the application! Once you do that, our Hangouts point leader will be in touch to help set up your hangout! We may say no to a hangout idea or ask you to fill in details or tweak some things—don’t worry! Click here to apply.

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Invite People

Once your Hangout is approved and listed on our Upcoming Hangouts Page, start inviting people! While we may occasionally highlight specific hangouts from time to time in announcements, the main way people will jump in is through your personal invitation! So make the call, send that email, post on social media, and send that text! If you’re part of a House Church, invite them to host the hangout with you and invite their friends along.

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Check your Email/Texts/Calls

RSVPs will be sent to you through whatever mode of contact you supply when we post the listing (email, text, phone call are typically the best options). Reply to any RSVPs quickly, welcoming them and supplying any necessary details. If your Hangout fills up, you want to avoid having to turn away additional people—email the Hangouts Pastor as soon as possible so they can take the listing down from the website and app.

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Follow this Timeline

Two Weeks Before Your Hangout…
-Double-check your hangout details
-Make sure you have funds/equipment sorted out
-Invite your House Church, friends, acquaintances, barista
-Check your email/text/etc. for RSVPs
-Follow up with RSVPs promptly

Two Days Before Your Hangout…
-Check-in with your RSVPS: make sure they know the details!
-Send a reminder text/email to RSVPs
-Need to cancel? No big deal! Just Let RSVPs know

The Day of Your Hangout…
-Arrive early to welcome and set up
-Stay safe: encourage responsibility
-Make friends: Be intentional with conversations and ask questions
-Capture the moments: Send us pictures from your hangout!
-Recurring hangout? Encourage participants to return

The Week After Your Hangout…
-Send any photos or videos to with a few sentences explaining your event
-Thank everyone who came
-Ask everyone for ideas to improve
-Invite folks to join your House Church if they aren’t in one


Hosting Application

Ready to go? Tap below to apply to host a hangout through a short application form.