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Upcoming Hangouts

Below is a list of all the upcoming hangouts currently being hosted. Tap on an event title to see the details, then get in touch with the host to jump in!

If you’d like to host your own, tap here!


+ Crafting & The Feminine Arts (Lexy)

What: Once a month, we get together to work on our crafting projects! Some of us quilt, some sew, some knit, some crochet, and some come just to hang out and watch! We're not all doing the same project or anything like that.

Host: Lexy Sauvé

When: Every second Wednesday evening of the month from 7:00-8:30 or so.

Where: At Refuge church. Park in the Kid's lot on the East side of the building; we meet in the classrooms right through those doors. The address of the the church is 607 26th Street, Ogden.

Cost: Free! Bring whatever craft/project your working on. Also, feel free to bring a snack to share if you'd like.

Contact: To get involved, text Lexy at (801) 866-7644 and she'll make sure you have all the details you need and receive reminders and other notices for the group.

+ Train Rides in the Park (Zach & Jessica Pickard)

What: Once a month, the South Weber Model Railroad Club hosts free train rides in the Canyon Meadows Park. All are welcome to come enjoy the park, playground, and the clubs train rides around the park. These are 1/8th scale trains, each train car is capable of holding up to 900 pounds, so kids and adults are all welcome! Train rides are scheduled for the third Saturday of every month, March through October, from 11am to 3pm. Everyone is welcome to show up or leave whenever they want, train rides are pretty much constant for those 4 hours. Zach and Jessica Pickard are members of the club and are typically there operating the trains for the entire time.

Host: Zach & Jessica Pickard

When: The third Saturday of every month, March through October, from 11am to 3pm (weather permitting)

Where: Canyon Meadows Park - 631 Petersen Pkwy, South Weber, Utah

Cost: The train rides are free, but the club does accept donations which all go to maintain the current track & trains.

Contact: Please contact Zach Pickard at 801-866-3839, or by email, with any additional questions.

+ Women's Breakfast Club (Michelle Arencibia)

What: Ladies meet up once a month for breakfast at a local spot, eat together and chat about life, theology, philosophy, encouragement in mothering joys and struggles, etc. RSVP needed the Wednesday before for reservation purposes. To maintain the heart of the event we'll be keeping the size to about 12 ladies and would ask that you leave the kiddos at home.

Host: Michelle Arencibia

When: The 3rd Saturday of every month at 9:30am

Where: Different local restaurants decided by facilitator.

Cost: Each person is responsible for their own transportation and cost of meal. Probably not more than $15/person based on individual order.

Contact: Contact Michelle to RSVP or ask questions at 801-430-8896

+ Ladies Park Fellowship(Lexy & Ashley)

What: Ladies come meet this Spring-Fall at various parks and splash pads! This has been a great way to meet new ladies and fellowship with one another while letting the kids play. We generally meet on a weekly-bi weekly basis or as our schedules permit. If you do not have children please still join us! If you are interested in attending please text one of the following ladies listed and they will be sure to include you in their next park meet up and answer any questions you may have. Park notifications are sent out through the Refuge app as well. We suggest downloading the app if you have not yet.

Host: Lexy Sauve, and Ashley Griffin

When: We try to meet up at least twice a month.

Where: There is a list of parks we rotate through

Cost: Free!

Contact: To get involved, text Lexy at (801) 866-7644 or Ashley at (801)800-0251 and they'll make sure you have all the details you need and receive reminders and other notices for the group.

+ Young adults camping trip (Deb Brzozowski)

What: Young adults (age range 25-35) gather to go camping in the Uintahs the weekend of Aug 24th. Two nights of camping over the weekend with plenty of great hiking during the day and campfires and smores at night. This is a great opportunity to grow community in this stage of life.

Host: Deb Brzozowski

When: Aug 24th weekend, Friday night into a Sunday.

Where: The Uintahs, near Red Castle Lakes.

Cost: Split the cost of campground fee and gas to get there.

Logistics: Carpool after work, approximately 2 hours to the campsite. Each person is responsible for their own camping gear. I have access to tents for 5 people as well as sleeping bags and blow up mattresses. There are also some hammocks with bug nets available. I can send out a food sign up for community meals, or each person can bring their own food if preferred.

Contact: If interested please contact Deb by email, or text, 518-813-8820

+ Men's Poker (Norm Dunham and Stephen Sauve)

What: We're gonna get together once a month and play a friendly game of cards. Texas Hold 'em tournament style. We have spots for 10 men so contact Norm to reserve your seat

Host: Norm Dunham and Stephen Sauve

When: Our first game will be June 29th and then the last saturday of the month from that date on

Where: Stephen's house: 5940 South Weber Drive

Contact: If you're interested contact Norm Dunham to RSVP as seats are limited. Email Norm at, or by phone 801-675-6445.

+ Women's Early Morning Hiking (Cana Brueckner)

What: Hi ladies! Let's hike. Join me in waking up with fresh air, exercise, and the beautiful Utah landscape. We will meet every Tuesday morning leaving the trail head no later than 6:00am and be back by 7:00am. This will be a fast paced, adults only (unless you are carrying your baby) excursion. Location will change from week to week so text Cana at 970-946-2428 if you're interested and we'll hit the trail! Be sure to pack a drink and a snack.

Host: Cana Brueckner

When: Every Tuesday morning from 6am-7am

Where: The trail will be decided weekly

Cost: Free!

Contact: Text Cana at 970-946-2428 if you're interested