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Host a Hangout!

Have an idea for your own hangout? Become a host! We’ve made the process to apply and host a hangout very simple. Below you’ll our how-to guide, the hosting application, and some hosting FAQs.


How-To Guide

Here’s a handy guide for hangout hosting success—tap below to see the seven-step guide!

Host Application

Ready to go? Tap below to apply to host a hangout through a short application form.


Hosting FAQs

+ How much work is it to host a hangout?

It really depends. For example, hosting a once-a-month game night is really simple—just make sure you invite people and communicate far enough ahead with folks who sign up. A three-day backpacking trip, a hangout with 100 people involved, etc. would require more work.

+ Who administrates hangouts?

The primary burden for communicating to people who sign up for a hangout is on the host of that hangout. Once our team approves a hangout proposal and puts it on the website, the host is primarily responsible for inviting people, communicating with them, collecting any funds or materials required, etc.

The success of a hangout is very much in the hands of the host.

+ What about conscience issues? Can I have alcohol at a hangout?

Hangouts promoted by Refuge can't involve anything which is explicitly or implicitly forbidden by Scripture (No, you can't host a pole-dancing hangout). But what about issues that aren't necessarily gray areas, but which may stumble someone?

Take alcohol. Moderate alcohol consumption without drunkenness is clearly not sinful; Jesus turned the water into good wine, not good Welch's. But some aren't able to drink alcohol due to past sin or sincere issues of conscience.

So here's what we ask: Hosts, be sensitive. We do allow hangouts to include alcohol, tp be hosted at a pub, etc.—so long as the consumption is moderate. If someone has an issue of conscience, don't encourage them to sin against their conscience by pushing them to participate.

For participants: If you have an issue of conscience with a hangout or its location, we would ask you to simply not participate. Please don't be divisive, gossipy, or slander brothers and sisters who have a freedom you don't.

+ How will folks find out about my Hangout?

Upcoming hangouts will be occasionally pushed out via social media, our mobile app, and during the announcements on Sunday.

But for the most part, all of the information for upcoming and ongoing hangouts will live on a page in our website that is also embedded in the app, so you can always head there to find out what's going on and jump in. Hangout hosts will be responsible for the majority of invitating people into their hangout beyond those channels.

+ What if my hangout "fails?"

What if nobody comes, or you get rained out, or some other issue prevents your hangout from succeeding? Don't sweat it! Maybe try to be more proactive in inviting folks or try a different activity or time.